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UDR reduces contract costs while improving quality of service

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UDR ensures Administrators, Department Managers, and Supply Chain Organizations meet budgets and lower expenses

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UDR streamlines and connects a wide range of service solutions


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We bring extensive Medical Imaging expertise and equipment knowhow to our customers covering a wide range of imaging modalities.

In other words, we’ve got you covered!



Our network of strategic partners extends our capabilities.

Together, we provide a broad array of services and product solutions and create exceptional value for our clients.
  • Equipment/Parts - All - Modalities
  • Refurbished GE AMX IV/IV+
  • Refurbished OEC C-Arms
  • Biomedical Equipment & Parts
  • Glassware and U/S Probes
  • Medical Imaging Consultant
  • Clinical Asset Management
  • National Help Center
  • Equipment Planning and Procurement Assistance

Bottom line...

udr draws from an

extensive network

of service solutions

to lower costs.